We have all heard at least once about a dead head gasket, about a cloud of white smoke which would herald an incurable failure on the way ... Fortunately, this is very rarely the case, and noticing smoke does not occur. is not always serious. Today we will try to explain to you why your car smokes white cold.

To do this, first of all, we will try to see the different types of smoke that your car can emit as long as your engine is cold, their meaning, and, secondly, what to do to try to clean your engine for no longer provoke it.

cold white smoking car

Why does my car smoke white when the engine is cold?

First of the important things for you to do, understand why your car emits white smoke when you start. As we told you, a smoking car is never interpreted as a good sign, however this is not necessarily serious, and, you will be delighted to learn. that if your car only smokes white when cold for a few minutes, that's okay, and it is even rather normal.

Indeed, it is actually condensation that collects in your exhaust when your engine is off. And, when you start your engine, the temperature difference with the exhaust gases will cause a vaporization of these water particles, which will visually materialize as white smoke coming out of your exhaust. This smoke is supposed to wear off fairly quickly as the engine and pot temperatures equalize and the moisture in your pot goes away.

On the other hand, if you notice dense white smoke when cold it is possible that it is of the coolant accumulated in the engine which is drained. And in this case, it will be necessary to monitor certain indicators much more carefully. Normally this smoke should dissipate as the engine warms up. You will be able to monitor the coolant level, if it decreases fast enough it may be that the cylinder head gasket is damaged and that the seal with the cylinders is not perfect, resulting in a leak of your fluid inside your engine. If this is your case quickly go see a mechanic to find a solution before it permanently damages your engine.

If you have other problems, and for example your car does not warm start, do not hesitate to consult our article to resolve your concern.

What to do to prevent your car from emitting cold white smoke?

After going over the different reasons that can cause your car to produce white smoke for a few minutes when your engine is cold, now is the time to help you make sure that this doesn't happen anymore or at least that you can be. calm if it happens and it is moderate enough not to alarm you.

If this is your cylinder head gasket that must be changed, you must suspect that the costs will be high ... Even if this seal is not expensive in itself, there may be additional work to be done on the cylinder head (face milling), it is also advisable to replace the timing belt during this intervention. We can therefore easily count 1500 to 2000 € for the complete repair.

If this is your injection that is involved, an adjustment of the injection pump may be sufficient to solve your problem, in this case it will be around 200 € that you will need to plan for your car to smoke white when you start it.