We continue our series of articles on small mechanical problems that can affect a car. Today we will focus on a motor problem, namely a car that grazes. This is a fairly common problem, especially for older vehicles that tend to get dirty or have failures due to wear and tear on some of their parts.

To answer this problem, we will first try to explain to you what are the causes of your car that grazes, then, secondly, how to repair a car that grazes and regain normal engine behavior.

why is my car grazing?

Why is my car grazing?

We therefore begin our article by focusing on the causes of your problem, so you will be able to regain your serenity and once identified, you will be able to solve your problem more simply. Indeed, mechanics is a fairly technical area of ​​expertise, especially since between two car models it is possible that the same symptom is caused by two completely different parts. Let's go!

Can we drive with a car that grazes?

First thing to know and which probably worries you the most is it possible to drive with a car that grazes? This is the first question to ask. Because, yes, like most people, we imagine that for you your car is essential, whether it is to go to work, to go shopping, to pick up the children… Keep it immobilized for several days to carry out a diagnosis and 'possible repairs are not always obvious.

But apart from wasted time, you also have to think about your safety and the life of your engine! It's good to go ostrich for a while, but in most cases it ends badly. You have therefore done well to come to our site to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Generally, we do not advise you to drive with a car that grazes, whether when starting or accelerating, it is a general sign poor combustion or ignition problem, and continuing to drive your vehicle in this condition can make matters worse and lead to particularly expensive repairs.

What are the causes of a grazing car?

We now move on to the different sources of this kind of symptoms, as we told you, it is not necessarily serious to have a car grazing, but in doubt, as it is better to understand the origin of the problem before take the slightest risk. We will review the different mechanical parts that may be at the origin, it is up to you to control them. However, it will not necessarily be easy for a novice to control everything, however it may give you leads and avoid being fooled by an unscrupulous mechanic:

  • Car that grazes because of the injection: Whether at idle speed, when starting, when cold or when accelerating, injection is often the cause of a car that grazes. It is generally a poorly timed or blocked injection which will cause poor fuel supply to the engine and therefore poor combustion. Remember to check their condition and have them changed if necessary
  • Car grazing due to an air intake problem: The second essential component for the proper functioning of an engine is air, in fact, it is a fuel / air mix that will generate correct combustion for the engine to run. If you have damaged hoses, it is possible that air leaks are interfering with the combustion of your engine. It is possible to visually control them quite easily, and even replace them for most of them.
  • Car that grazes because of ignition: Finally, the last component of combustion, the spark! It is generated by the spark plugs for gasoline cars and preheaters for diesel cars, you can check their condition quite easily depending on their position on your engine.
  • Car that grazes because of filters: Last things to check, your fuel filter and the air filter. If they are clogged, they will necessarily disrupt the normal flow that should reach the engine.

What to do to prevent a car from grazing?

grazing car is this serious?

Once you have checked all these points, if you have managed to identify a problem we advise you to fix it yourself if you feel able to do so, there are a lot of tutorials on the web for most models of car. Changing filters, hoses or even spark plugs can be done without too much mechanical skill and this will allow you to repair your car that grazes inexpensively.

Otherwise, if you haven't found it or you don't feel it, go to a mechanic who can quickly diagnose you for a few tens of euros and repair it quickly so that you can enjoy it to the full again.