Cars bring their share of little hassles, whether they are suspicious noises, smells, smoke, feelings of discomfort, it is rare to go more than a year without having a surprise coming from your car. Fortunately, most of the time it's nothing serious. And, today, we're going to help you solve a pesky little problem that isn't particularly serious. You will discover, why are your car windows squeaking, and what to do?

To do this, we will first review the various causes of this phenomenon, first on manual window regulators, then on models equipped with electric windows. Then, in a second step, our little ones tips to prevent your windows from squeaking.

why do I hear a squeak coming from my car window

Why are my car windows creaking?

We therefore begin our article directly from the heart of the matter. And help you understand why you have come to this particularly unpleasant feeling every time you roll down or up a window in your vehicle. It is possible that the phenomenon occurs on just one window or on several of them, most of the time the problem is linked to a single mechanism.

The reasons for squeaking on manual windows

We start with models with manual windows. There are fewer and fewer on the market, and they are not the most affected by squeaks or squeaks, however, it is possible that this will happen on this style of vehicle. Here are the two points that you must check to find the source of your problem:

  • The outer seal of your window is dry: Because of this, it will gradually deteriorate and prevent your window from lowering and raising correctly due to lack of lubrication. The resistance it will cause will create this unpleasant noise
  • The glass guide rails which are dirty: Your window is guided by two slides to go up and down, if your car is not cleaned regularly, it is highly possible that these rails get dirty and therefore that your window has trouble moving

Causes of squeaky power windows

Regarding electric windows and squeaking or squeaking noises, the causes are very close to manual windows, at the level of the pure frame, so remember to look also the condition of your outer seal and slides. It is certainly on one of these two levels that your concern lies.

However, since an electronic mechanism is involved in the procedure, you can also look into the latter if one of the first two causes listed just before does not seem to be responsible for your problem. In this case, it will be necessary disassemble the door and take a look at the mechanism which may be seized.

How do you keep your car windows from squeaking?

how to prevent a car window from squeaking

Now that you understand where your worries come from, we suspect that your only goal is prevent your car window from squealing. For this, there are not 50 solutions, we will explain them to you right away so that depending on your problem you will be able to solve it as quickly as possible and regain correct user comfort:

  • Solve a problem with squeaky glass due to the gasket: In this case, if your seal is not completely dead (cracked, cracked or falling apart) you can limit the breakage by lubricant. For this you will need to provide yourself with the silicone lubricant and apply it either with a spray or directly with a rag on the entire joint. Wipe off the excess product, this will revive your joint and protect it from the extreme temperatures that it particularly fears. We advise you to do this every year as winter approaches.
  • Prevent sliders from squeaking a car window: The logic remains more or less the same, however, for the slides it is more often the dirt which generates this noise. We therefore advise you to clean the window rails, do not hesitate, if you feel comfortable, to dismantle the door passage to have more complete access to the mechanism and to carry out a more complete and efficient cleaning. You can, after cleaning, lightly lubricate the slides
  • Stop a window squeaking due to the electric mechanism: Finally, if it is your mechanism that is causing the problem, you must suspect that in this case it will be necessary to dismantle the door passage to gain access to the assembly and work on it. If the behavior of your window is normal, you will not need special skills to intervene. In general, there are tutorials for each car model to disassemble the interior of the door of your vehicle. We advise you to use a spray grease to lubricate the mechanisms of the motor of the window regulator of your car.

If you have other seal issues, like a sticky car door seal, do not hesitate to consult our guide on this topic.