Hearing abnormal noises coming from your car is never reassuring, especially when they come from your engine block. A car that makes noise is okay, the engines are noisy, and modern cars have so many accessory parts to the engine that it is easy for any of them to generate whistling noises or another that we do not expect.

In this article, we will try to explain to you why is your car belt whistling? For that, first of all, we will see you how to identify a hissing noise coming from your car's belt. Then, in a second step, what to do if your car belt whistles?

strap that makes a whistling noise

How to identify that the accessory belt of your car is whistling?

We therefore begin our article with the diagnostic part, if you have the impression of identifying a whistling belt noise coming from your car, now is the time to confirm your feelings.

Where can I find the accessory belt for my car?

You may not know it, but there are two belts on your car, a timing belt and an accessory belt, these two belts have different functions. The first, distribution is there to transfer the engine's power to components essential to its operation such as the water pump and the injection pump. In addition, it is there to coordinate the crankshaft and the camshaft. On the other hand, it is inside the engine so you will not be able to locate it and monitor its operation visually.

Unlike this one, the accessory strap, as its name suggests, is mainly there to supply energy or accessory parts to your engine, such as power steering, air conditioning, alternator, etc. It is much more accessible, it is located at the front of your engine, it is easily identifiable it is a thick rubber band which is connected by pulleys.

How do you recognize a whistling belt?

  • Dull whistling sound near a circular saw: If in your case you hear a muffled like muffled noise, this is the most alarming noise you need to worry about. In fgeneral this noise is intensified as the engine goes up in the revs and it is then the timing belt which is in question. It can be close to a hissing sound, like a snap. Try to verify this information by having someone accelerate, vehicle stationary with you, who observe the engine block with the hood open.
  • Loud whistling sound: If the noise is higher, or approaches a noise of rolling, it is certainly that your accessory belt is too tense, or else it is not the right size and it is too short for what you need.

What consequences if we do not intervene on a car belt that whistles?

This is an important question to answer, indeed, if you identify a problem but you do not fix it, you run the risk of damaging your engine.

As you will understand, a whistling accessory strap you have to deal with it quickly but do not panic if the noise is not too loud you should be able to drive a few more kilometers before the part fails. And, if that ever happens, you will just no longer be able to use the accessories that it entails (no more recharging the battery, no more air conditioning, no more power steering, etc.)

On the other hand, if it concerns your timing belt, we advise you to go see a professional quickly, If the belt breaks, your engine may be unrecoverable.

How to prevent a belt from whistling on your car?

what if my car makes a whistling belt noise?

We now move on to the repair part. It is important to take quick action when you identify that your car's belt is whistling. If you identify other symptoms on your car, such as a white smoke at startup it is important that you take care of it. In our present case, few solutions are available to you, here they are:

Replace the belt to prevent it from whistling

If the whistle is too loud and is linked to a belt which whistles because it is not the right size, it will have to be changed quickly otherwise you risk damaging the bearings and pulleys. In general, replacing an accessory belt costs $200, we also count the change of tensioner rollers which are generally good to replace too.

If, on the other hand, it is your timing belt that whistles too loudly, then you will need to prepare for a much more expensive repair. However, as we explained to you above, it is much more judicious to replace your timing belt rather than having to change your engine. We also replace the water pump during this change, and you will have for on average 800 euros.

Retension or slacken the accessory belt of your car to avoid whistling noises

Finally, if it's just a problem of tension (only on accessory belt), you can intervene on it, or a professional can do it for you. It's pretty easy to identify if your car's belt tension is right, you just need to:

  • Find the longest segment of your visible accessory belt
  • Press it with your finger in its center
  • It must not sink more than a centimeter

You can now thanks to tensioner roller, adjust the tension, all you have to do is loosen the screw which holds the tensioner roller in place (in its center). And play with the adjustment screw which is located just above until you get the right tension. Once the optimum setting retighten the roller retaining screw.