Over the years, many platforms have emerged to make it easier for mechanics, especially for the purchase of spare parts. Among these is Partakus, an online shopping and sales site. Find out everything you need to know about this platform here.

Partakus: a must have for mechanics and repairers

Partakus is the first online sales and purchase platform for auto parts for professionals. There are automotive parts and products multi-brand and many different sellers. Partakus is essential for repairers, mechanics and bodybuilders, because it simplifies their daily life. This site offers the most accurate documentation on the market to identify the parts you need. You waste less time in product research.

it is also a wide choice of original parts, compatible, re-uses, tires and lubricants of all brands. There you will find absolutely everything you need even workshop equipment and services. This online platform also allows you to view the stocks and availability of goods in your region, allowing you to save time and money.

Partakus: an all-in-one tool to easily manage your business

Whether you are a seller or a distributor, Partakus allows you to optimize your business by saving time and money. It helps you receive orders and respond to quote requests in a very short time. With Partakus, your customers will be able to search for parts from their numberplate and check availability. They can also order directly online.

As for the mechanics, you have the possibility of receiving directly the quote complete, accurate and documented. All this from your garage or your home and in minutes.

Very useful and practical, the Partakus application offers many services and opportunities to simplify your life for garage owners.