The more modern the cars, the less noisy they are, the more comfortable they are, however for owners of vehicles that are a few years old, it happens that over time some parts start to deteriorate or to function abnormally. Don't panic, it's not parque your car door seal sticks that it will have to be replaced. In this article, we will try to explain to you why you are in this situation and how to clean a door seal so that it no longer sticks.

sticky car door seal

Why are the door seals on my car sticking?

As we told you just before, having door seals that stick is not very serious, apart from the inconvenience at the time, it has absolutely no impact on the integrity of your vehicle. However, we will try to explain to you the two main reasons that make it difficult for you to open your door.

My door seals stick when it freezes

First situation and very often the most classic and above all the most annoying. If the the gaskets of one or more doors of your car stick when it is very cold you may have trouble getting into your vehicle ... And the solutions at the moment are not numerous ... Either you choose to force (like a good part of us) and you hope that its loose without tearing the seal, or you wait for the outside temperature to warm up for the frost to melt.

It's done humidity and condensation which will form a layer between the gasket and the metal part of your door, and when the temperatures go to the negative side in the winter the metal and the plastic of the gasket will stick together… Particularly annoying, especially if you are in a hurry! Several solutions are available to you:

  • Try to open another door
  • Use a hair dryer to melt the gel
  • Spray the seal of the glued door with de-icer and wait a few moments

The gaskets on my door stick when it's hot

If in your case, it is more a feeling of molten plastic sticking to the metal part of your car, your joints must start to be tired or it is simply that dirt added to the intense heat will create a layer of gunk that sticks. In your case only one solution, clean all of your joints with soapy water. And yes, unless your gaskets are really in a very bad condition, and you realize that they are falling apart or crumbling, a good cleaning will certainly be more than enough to keep them from sticking against the door. your car.

How do I prevent a door seal on my car from sticking?

What if the gaskets on my car's doors stick?

Getting the door seals off your car is one thing, however, you will now have to realize that maintaining them is the best solution if you do not want to have to change them prematurely and avoid unnecessary expenses. In addition, this will prevent you from ending up with doors that stick to your car whether it is winter or summer:

  • Regularly clean the interior of your car and your gaskets (vacuum cleaner, dust, soapy sponge on plastic parts and gaskets)
  • apply silicone lubricant on your seals using a clean cloth, you will avoid the accumulation of dirt and humidity, normally you should be quiet for a while! Once a year, rather before winter, remember to do it