If after severe weather or just because of humidity related to winter you realize that water enters your Renault Clio 2, you have come to the right page. You will be amazed to learn that this problem happens to a lot of Clio 2 owners and that you are not the only one in this situation. Unlike other models there is a particular weakness on this model which favors infiltration and there is a good chance if you are affected by the same problem as the majority of owners as you have water under the carpet on the front passenger side and possibly in the rear right.

We will help you first to understand why is your Clio 2 taking on water, then, secondly, what is the most appropriate solution to your problem and what can you do to correct it quickly and recover normal use of your car.

Why does water get into my Renault Clio 2?

As you were told, the first thing to do is to understand how this water gets into your car and why you end up inundated. In most cases, it is on the right side of Renault Clio 2 that infiltration occurs. Now is the time to understand why.

Water infiltration following a strong thunderstorm because of the windshield evacuations

We are not going to go through 4 paths, the most common cause for a Clio 2 of water that infiltrates is linked to water drainage from the windshield clogged with foil or debris. It is certainly a design flaw but this problem is much more common than one might think on this model and a lot of owners complain about it. The infiltration will then make the water penetrate through the ventilation circuit and usually end up on the right floor of your car, or under the back seat.

If the rains are heavy it is possible that you have up to several centimeters of water, which of course is not pleasant and if not treated may leave mold will grow. You will then have to start much more important work to clean up your car.

To confirm that your concern is indeed related to the windshield evacuation, you will need open your hood and find the drain hose from the bay which is located at the level of the windshield wipers, it is a flexible rubber hose as in the photo below

Renault Clio 2 taking on water

In general, in addition to this hose which is clogged, the plastic part between the windshield and the engine block is often filled with fallen leaves and debris, you will therefore also need to clean it. Once this part is clogged, it is in fact the air intake grilles of the fan that are found flooded and diffuse the humidity inside the passenger compartment of your clio 2.

My Clio 2 is taking water on the passenger side or in the rear because of a door seal

Even if the Clio 2 have a lack of windshield evacuation, they are nonetheless susceptible to more conventional problems of water infiltration into the passenger compartment. Indeed, the door seals are often easy access to the passenger compartment for humidity!

Two solutions, either the seal is dirty and therefore no longer seals well, in this case you can simply clean it and check with a garden hose with the doors closed that water no longer infiltrates, or else it is simply too worn out and it no longer blocks the water inlets. In that case it will be necessary to replace the gasket, it is not particularly difficult and you can do it yourself.

Water is entering my Renault Clio 2 through the roof gutters

Finally, if you do not have a roof bar you have certainly never realized that you have "gutters" on the roof of your Renault Clio 2, however, they do exist, they are plastic rails visible on your roof. . Their function is to guide the water evacuation and also to receive the fixings of any roof bars. For the clean you can use a karcher or scrub with a brush and a little water.

What to do if you have water that has entered your Clio 2?

water infiltration clio 2

Now that we have presented the different possible causes of your problem and how to deal with the underlying problem so that it does not come back, we will now have to drain the water from the passenger compartment of your Clio 2 and let it dry. We told you a little earlier, the humidity in a vehicle is never good and the bad odors and mold can grow very quickly.

It is therefore important not to delay before repairing the water leak in your Clio 2 and drying it:

  • First step, evacuate the excess water if you have several centimeters of water with a construction vacuum for example
  • Remove the floor mats and “dismantle” the floor carpets, they are simply slid under the side plastic parts you just have to pull to remove them.
  • Take advantage of a sunny day to open the doors of your vehicle, start the engine and fully heat the feet and front vents.
  • Do not hesitate to put your rugs in the washing machine if they smell damp, you can use a hair dryer to dry very damp areas that have difficulty drying.