A car is supposed to be a little haven of peace and allow us to enjoy everyday journeys in a comfortable way, unfortunately these machines are complex and regularly have small breakdowns which spoil our experience and our financial peace. Indeed, at the slightest sign of a problem with your car, you can already see yourself spending several hundred euros at the mechanic's.

Fortunately, this is not always the case, and some problems are solved much more simply than that, however we have two choices, either face the problem and try to find the origin of it or to play the ostrich, the second solution rarely finished well. In this article, we will try to help you solve a bad smelling car heater problem. To do this, first we will try to understand where this bad smell comes from. Then, secondly, what are your options to get rid of this smell and prevent it from coming back.

bad smelling car heater

Why does my car heater smell bad?

We're starting our article to answer your biggest question, Why does my car's heating ventilation smell stink? Before solving the problem you always have to find the cause, and in your case, you are lucky there are not 50 possible reasons for feeling bad smells in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. If you have other concerns about your heating such as hissing ventilation, do not hesitate to consult our article to help you solve this problem.

A leak in the heating radiator

First of the causes and the most annoying, we start directly with the most annoying so you will be reassured if it does not come from this room. If it is the heating radiator that is leaking, it is in fact your entire cooling circuit that will leak… The heating radiator is a small radiator which is intended only for your ventilation circuit to accumulate the heat of the engine and recover it. thanks to the ventilation of the vehicle interior.

Unlike for identify a heating radiator leak, you will notice a bad smell in the cabin when you turn on the heating, possibly quite strong condensation if the leak is important, and you may even have humidity on the floor mats. A large leak will be visible because you will see your coolant level decrease. However, most of the time it is a micro-leak and the level drops very slowly. See a professional if you need help confirming the failure.

A cabin filter problem that generates a bad odor

The function of the cabin filter is to keep the air sent by your car's heating / air conditioning system to a certain degree. If it is clogged, there are bacteria that have developed on it, you will inevitably recover the bad odors in your heating because all the air that circulates in your car passes through this room. Access to this room to check its condition is very simple, it is most of the time located under the glove box or at the level of the dashboard.

Mold in the air conditioning system

If your car is equipped with an air conditioning system it is very likely that mold grows in the system, the condenser and the evaporator are sources of humidity and potential mold due to the development of bacteria.

Dust causing odors from heating

If you do not have air conditioning in your car, it is still possible that the odors are related to dirt or dust accumulated in your heating system. Just like for the air conditioning, you will have to think about cleaning your blower.

What to do to avoid bad odors when using the ventilation of the heating of your car?

how to eliminate bad heating odors on a car

After you find out why the heating of your car has failed, it is time to find solutions to avoid suffering these bad smells every time you make a trip.

Disinfect your heating ventilation system to eliminate bad odors

First of the solutions and which will be adapted to all cases except you are the victim of a leak in your cooling system. To eliminate bad heating odors in your passenger compartment you can use cleaners air conditioning circuit which must be sprayed through the passenger compartment filter flap. You will usually get around 30 euros for the purchase of the bomb and a few tens of minutes of intervention. However, it is advisable to have it done by a professional to be sure to act on the entire air conditioning system, otherwise the bacteria causing bad odors will not be eliminated.

Change your cabin filter

Replacing your filter is going to be obvious to you if you find that it is clogged or too worn. It will take 20 to 30 euros to replace it. You don't need a professional to change it, even without mechanical skills the replacement is very simple.

Repair your cooling system

Finally, the hardest part, if you have a leak, there are products that seal the leaks, however they are not always very effective, and depending on the size of the leak this is not really recommended. We advise you in this case go see a professional to get an informed opinion.